Treedis 3.0 is here

Treedis 3.0 is here
Dec 8, 2022

It has been exactly one week since we launched Treedis 3.0.

Treedis was founded out of passion. Passion for 3D technology and the countless possibilities it will open to every industry in the future.

But I never could have imagined how we would progress, and yet here we are.

I couldn't help but feel emotional during our webinar as we launched the new version. The hours Nathanael, Treedis' co-founder and I spent discussing the idea, convincing others we weren't crazy futuristic fanatics, getting the first clients, launching the new basic features, hiring our first employee...

A three-year turnaround later, we're here with a new branding, a new website, a new fully intuitive platform, and hundreds of VR and AR features for transforming digital twins into metaverse experiences.

Here's how we made it happen.

Treedis' New Branding

Treedis was built to address some issues that needed an immediate solution, and we wanted our customers to have it as fast as possible. As a result, we grew without a clear sense of how we should structure or present ourselves, focusing on the product rather than the company itself.

In the course of Treedis' maturation, we realized just how important it would be to have a brand that represents us, both for ourselves and our users.

Changing our vision, identity, and perception were essential for us as well as our customers.

As the visual composition of our brand, our new logo conveys the connection between reality and virtual spaces, through digital twins.

Using the new color palette, we communicate the brand's connection to the metaverse aesthetic through a vibrant and immersive set of colors

As you can see, our new brand represents the heart of our company. With bold but simple colors, straight lines and a clear composition, we are communicating that we are committed to bringing immersive technology to the masses and making it available to the larger crowds.

Treedis' New Website

Our previous website was built as we were trying to figure out what was this incredible product we had in our hands. There was no web developer, no experience in building websites, not even a marketing team! Just us, our ideas, and WordPress.

However, the website was not displaying the truly groundbreaking features and solutions we were developing, nor did it translate and display the awesome projects we led for world-leading companies: ICL, Skoda...

So we brainstormed, spent hours and hours working on sprints after sprints, and got the help of a great design agency to bring our vision to life for the past 6 months.

Now, we have a massive website that not only explains perfectly the use cases and industries Treedis Solutions can be applied to, but also provides a wealth of content, tips, and examples for our users.

Treedis' New Admin Panel

The idea behind Treedis was to provide solutions to problems we, as 3D creators, encountered with Matterport Digital Twins. But we quickly realized we had gold in our hands. A canvas, digital twins, that can make the Metaverse accessible to all, a relatable environment for people to transition to web3.

On top of that, we assembled a team of young entrepreneurs, each with endless visions and ideas.  However, without any clear structure or plan, we just kept adding features on top of features.

Although we considered just rearranging the platform so that it would be easier to understand, we realized that we needed to go much further and destroy the entire infrastructure in order to rebuild it..

For the past year, teams of developers, product managers, and others have rethought Treedis from start to finish. We needed to translate our vision for accessibility, no code, and easy use into our tool.

The result is a platform that is more intuitive than ever, a seamless one-stop shop for creating immersive experiences, with clear structure and endless potential.

Treedis' Partnership with Matterport

Being able to work with such an innovative and strong partner has always been a huge motivator.

As we developed solutions to enhance Matterport's wonderful digital twins, we have always enjoyed a close relationship with the company.

Our relationship matured and grew into a full-on partnership, cross-departmental in nature. We created strong connections between our teams and multiple ways to work together on projects with clients as well as internally.

Our partnership continues to grow stronger by the day, and we are eager to share the groundbreaking projects we have been working on together.

Creating the best Metaverse Experiences through Digital Twin

Every single project we led for Treedis 3.0 revolved around User Experience. We cannot forget that the Treedis project grew because people trusted us, they got onboard with it, and they trusted us to deliver the best possible product. We did that, but we wanted to give them more, to have all the tools they needed to create the best immersive experiences..

We led three interconnected processes, with the entire company rallying behind us, from South Africa to Israel to Ukraine.

Our failures taught us to adapt, to be flexible, and to challenge our own perceptions.

We have actually created a product, brand, and company that are scalable, that have strong bones for change and growth, and we are only at the beginning of the process.

We'll keep giving you insights on what made us take these steps, how to do it. If you want to go through the same process, stay tuned.

Treedis 3.0 is here

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