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VR Hexagon

VR Hexagon
The Challenge
The Approach
The Solution
VR Hexagon
The Results

The results were very positive. Exhibitors noticed an increase in the visibility of their products and services, leading to an increase in business opportunities for them. Visitors also appreciated the ability to discover exhibitors online before attending the event, allowing them to better plan their visit. Quentin worked on this exhibition for over three weeks and countless hours on the project, ensuring a high-quality result. Virtual tours are an effective solution to improve the visibility of exhibitors at professional events. They allow visitors to discover exhibitors online, increasing business opportunities for exhibitors and allowing visitors to better plan their visit.

10+ Countries
Visitors Entered From
Booth Digitalized
69% Increase
In Exhibitor Visibility
3D Creator
Company Bio

VR-Hexagone is a communication agency specializing in the production of virtual tours for professionals. VR-Hexagone makes virtual tours enriched with video, text photos, and links.

With the help of Treedis, our solution today enables exhibitors to meet customers during a show, promote their equipment and stay connected afterwards, using their virtual and limitless platform.

Quentin Gerardin

Manager of VR-Hexagone

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