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Trax Retail

 Trax Retail
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The Approach
The Solution
 Trax Retail
The Results

The Treedis planning tool allowed Trax to reach a higher level of planning with zero mistakes, accurate placing of the cameras, and all in a user-friendly and smooth tool. The solution allowed Trax to roll out and plan a higher volume of stores since the planning time was reduced and the planning task was made easier and accessible for non-professional planners.

Supermarket Planned
1 Month
Planning Saved
Reduction in AI Trainning
Retail, AI
Company Bio

Trax enables brands and retailers to better navigate the new frontier of retail where the best of physical and digital come together to delight at the shelf.

Through Treedis digital twin customization and IoT custom solution, we were able to obtain all the data from the store through the 3D mapping and significantly reduce the planning time.

May Mordechay

Product Manager Trax Retail

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 Trax Retail

Trax Retail

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NFTs are digital assets that represent real-world objects like art, music, in-game items, and videos. They can only be purchased and sold online. Because NFTs are visual representations that have been virtualized, web2 platforms did not seem to be a suitable venue to showcase and sell it. Gabriel and Ruth, two NFT artists and influencers, decided to create virtual NFT galleries using The Treedis platform and many of its features and solutions such as CGI, Virtual Staging, and V-commerce in order to increase engagement and ultimately revenues. Through the Avatar solution, users can browse a virtual gallery as they would a real one, see the NFTs, and even purchase them. Additionally, users can interact with each other and learn more about Web3, Metaverse, and NFT. With the tools Treedis provided to Gabriel and Ruth, they were able to market and sell their galleries more effectively. To understand the behavior and preferences of customers, the team analyzes advanced data from the virtual NFT gallery tours. Data analysis led to re-staging and re-design of the galleries.

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