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Optical Center

Optical Center
The Challenge
The Approach
The Solution
Optical Center
The Results

By partnering with Treedis, Optical Center now offers to its customers an unparalleled and immersive online shopping experience using our V-Commerce feature. In addition to seeing products in greater detail, customers can even try them on and experience the shop with a great customer experience. By leveraging our Experience Creator, we created a predestined customer journey to ensure Optical Center customers go through the desired products and get the full immersive metaverse experience. Customers can go shopping with their friends, family, and anyone with an internet connection in the Optical Center metaverse shops using Treedis Hub & Avatar, bridging the gap of e-commerce by adding a social dimension.

Visits to the metaverse store in the first 2-weeks
increased online sales in the first month.
5:37 Min
Average time spent on a tour
Retail, Eyewear
Company Bio

Optical Center is a premier eyewear and hearing aid retail company. Their mission has been to provide customers with the best possible solutions.

As a pioneer in technology advancements in France, Optical Center approached us with their ambitious vision. Thanks to a privileged collaboration agreement between Matterport and Treedis Enterprise Program, we embarked on a collaborative journey to bring their vision to fruition

Nathanael Lumbroso

COO, Treedis

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