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ICL ESG Week 2022

ICL ESG Week 2022
The Challenge
The Approach
The Solution
ICL ESG Week 2022
The Results

Overall, the solution was successful in creating engaging and immersive experiences for ICL employees to learn more about ESG. From first meetings to the completion of this complex project, it only took four months to make sure that it was ready, tested, and ready to launch during the event. The experiences were tailored to each department and provided employees with a unique and interactive way to learn. The high completion rate and positive feedback from employees demonstrated the success of the solution in achieving its objectives. The completion rate reached 71.5%, 65% higher compared to the previous year. Engagement time was monitored as well, with an average time of 10 minutes per experience. Overall, Treedis invested maximum resources into improving and updating the technology according to ICL's various departments' needs, which resulted in a faster, more convenient, and more efficient workflow. The ICL and Treedis Collaboration was also praised for its direct communication channel with ICL employees, ensuring a positive workflow and sticking to the plans approved at the beginning of the process.

Completion rate
Rating from the employees
Over 42000
visits across the 12 experiences
Company Bio

Once again, ICL is demonstrating their commitment to corporate governance, environmental, and social issues, and raising awareness among employees. We couldn't be more proud they chose Treedis to develop this amazing project.

Rotem Elya

VP Business development | Treedis IL

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